The Floral Boutique

The Floral Boutique


Welcome everyone!  I have been having a little trouble with the blogging aspect of WordPress.  Going from Blogger to this has been a little difficult but with a little help I think we are getting it figured out.  It’s been a very busy month with setting up my new classes and really looking forward to showing off some of the cool things that our team has been making.  I am trying to learn a new editing tool to add my photos so that they look more professional so bare with me thru this learning curve.


So in addition to trying to learn the new blog, I am starting to do video tutorials which I have to say has me beyond excited.  As I let all of you know that I have decided to take that step and begin with Stampin’ Up.  I really have thought long and hard about offering their product but the more I tried it and tested everything I knew it was definitely the way to go.  Not to mention the inspiration for great ideas flow so easily with every line.

Today I want to share with you the Floral Boutique, which was instantly my favorite!  The great thing about the Product Suites from Stampin’ Up!  is that you get so many ideas for not only cards, but gifts and home decor to name a few.

IMG_0293 IMG_0294



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