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Collage Plate and Tile CoastersToday I wanted to share a really easy project that I did as a going away gift for a friend.  She adores homemade gifts and I wanted to try a new project.  This was a modge podge project and I got the idea, oh heck the whole process from My Craft Channel in season 2 episode 5.  I’m going to let you watch that to get the easiest possible way to learn this awesome quick gift.

You will need the following:

1 clear plate (I got mine from a thrift store 50cents)

Modge Podge Matte

Sponge brushes

16 Small Felt Pads or you use Cork backing ( with cork backing I buy it at Home Depot or Lowes by the roll much cheaper and goes a long way)

3 12×12 matching paper lines

The coasters are such a great quick gift.  Cut your papers 3.75 x 3.75 ahead of time.  I paint on some modge podge on to the tile and then add my paper.  Once the paper is down you want to make sure to get air bubbles out.  If you have a brayer that a perfect tool, I also found as long as your paper has not gotten too wet you can take a bone folder and wipe across the top. Becareful not to take too long at this point because if the paper gets too wet you can actually wipe off a layer of paper or rip it.  When the paper is down you will then put a good layer of modge podge over it.

I let mine dry for about an hour, you will be able to tell by touch test and sight when modge pod has set up.  At this point its pretty safe to adhere either your cork board or felt pads.



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