It’s gonna be one of those DAYS :)

Have you had one of those days that you knew right off the bat you are better off under the blankets and not talking to anyone? First off this is a day of celebration for my hubby of 23 years who turns 49 today in which I can finally say we are the same age and he responds “only two months sweetie and you will be older again” lol. Unfortunately he has a busy day, my daughter Kbell is taking her drivers test in Hatch, NM and well to say I’m nervous is an understatement. I decide as soon as they head off I’m going to make myself a bottle of ginger ale with this fancy dancy new machine my hubby got for Christmas, the Soda Stream. I’ve made it before but my mind was not where it should be I get out the water and I put syrup into it and then stick it in the machine. Those of you who own one of these no I’m in some serious trouble. I hit the button a couple of times to get it nice and carbonated when I notice that I had put the syrup in and so what do I do, I very quickly unscrew the bottle, OMIGOSH bad move it went off like a bomb!!  Gingerale everywhere up under the cabinets, on the floor, over the stove, in my hair, bra, and clothes.  Seriously, I stood there for two minutes in shock and then begin laughing my butt off.  Now mind you I am alone and when I stop laughing I realize that I am laughing at myself all by myself and not even attempting to run around getting it cleaned up.  I finally got a hold of myself and everything is back to normal lol.

Well anyway, I thought that would be fun to share, if you know me, you definitely are chuckling right now.

My project today is a pretty fun one that everyone has seen on Pinterest and my daughter was dying to try it so want to share her fun with you.

This was another project that I got from My Craft Channel. (I know your beginning to wonder if I live on that site) Here is the direct link that particular show she did with her daughter Inspired by Pinterest with Lori Allred.

So off we run off to Walmart with our friend Vanessa and get some crayons and used normal canvasses that we already had. Kayleigh used the low melt glue gun and picked out all of the crayons that she wanted to use. Then towards the bottom of the Canvas she drew a heart for resistance.

2012 Summer 025

2012 Summer 026
We learned several lessons on this project. Blow dryer you can start out high, but definitely switch to low or you will have crayon everywhere. Next make sure you use something like parchment paper under your project not paper towels like my daughter did because we still havent gotten that off my table lol.

2012 Summer 042

2012 Summer 043


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