What a Year!!

This year has flown by and part of me is glad it’s over.  I’m actually looking forward to the new year, lots of ideas of what I want to do.  Have you ever had so many ideas that you are actually overwhelmed where to start, well that’s me.  The things I really want to do this coming year:

Blog a minimum of once a week

Start giving craft classes

Craft something different once a week (not just scrapbooking)

I want to begin (baby steps) Urban Homesteading

New budgeting plan

See my friends no less than once every two weeks

Be more conscious of going green (a whole story in itself)

Healthier living

See what I mean, totally overwhelming me lol.  So I begin, I’m really excited.  Right now I only have one follower so I’m really hoping to see more to help root me on and give me great ideas.

Earlier in December I applied for SuperFan for My Craft Channel, that would be awesome and I’m sure they got lots of applications so wish me luck!!

If you have any ideas how to succeed in my goal or would like to just follow along on my journey please stick around for the new year.  This year I want to post links to some great sites!

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