Good News and Another Project

Wow had an awesome day today. I received a facetime call on my iPad at my office and when it connected first thing I saw was my beautiful 9 month old niece Sophia. How exciting I got to walk her around the office and introduce her to everyone. I don’t get calls like that too often so I was in such an excited state that I couldnt here my sister announcing………………Sophia will have a new baby brother or sister this year! I only wish I lived closer, I miss being able to hold her and spoil her. My other sister Pati I believe makes up for it though!

2012 Summer 117

Ok for the project. I showed you yesterday the tiles I made using some of my favorite papers. This is another quick gift set that I put together for a friend who wanted to start crafting. The layout you see with this set is actually on an 8 x 8 tile that I had also got at Lowes for 40 cents. Perfect with a plate holder to have sitting on your coffee table with matching coasters. I love to do projects like this its personalized and shows you are thinking about them.

My Minds Eye Coasters
Amore Tile and Coasters



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