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Hello! It is nice to meet you!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit Crafty Dreams and hope you come back often. 

My name is Andrea West and I would love to share a few things about me. First and foremost, I have a wonderful husband George of 28 years and three beautiful daughters that are my world Cassie, Kayleigh and Jessica. 

21 years ago, my sister drug me into scrapbooking kicking and screaming.  It took one visit and I knew I was done. Downhill from there lol. I became active in Columbus Scrapbookers, attended retreats several times a year and at least once a month overnight scrapping with my sister. 

I currently live in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (yes this is a real place) T or C is a town of 7500 people in the middle of the desert.  When we relocated here I was finding it a very hard adjustment being away from my scrappy/craft friends in Ohio was very difficult. Closest craft store is over and hour away, no scrappy buddies, no true Scrap-booking stores and I missed my sisters!

Well what does a crafty person do when she doesn’t have all the resources at her fingertips.  She creates her own fun!!  The nearest craft store to me is over an hour away and heaven forbid if there is a scrapbook store in our state.  I began doing classes locally to get to meet people who might have an interest and started feeling I might have found my niche.

However, I don’t think I found my calling until I found Stampin’ Up! where I found so many people that became like family!  I was using products from various craft stores, but wanted to maintain a consistency so I began researching and after several weeks of going back in forth with researching and found hands down I knew what I wanted to do!

I joined Stampin’ Up! a year and half ago and just last week I made CentreStage for Leadership and making Silver Elite.

If you have any interest in having your own business doing what you love, please feel free to send me a message.  I don’t believe in high pressure sales, because I take no very well.  It has to be something you want and love to do.

Please take a moment to browse my shop!


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