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Flu in New Mexico and a change to schedule.

So sorry it’s been awhile since I posted, preparing for my class last Sunday (which was awesome) and then by evening I felt something coming on and by morning down for the count.  Today is my first day being able to sit up, lots of steroids, shots and antibiotics and I will survive.  My goodness it just knocked me for a loop.

So let’s update you with things so far.   Love Today Planner class was wonderful, by now all online class members have received their goodies and their private link for their video.  I hope you enjoy the video I was definitely in a jolly mood.  Here is a couple of pics from my set up and some of the items we were using.

One thing I thought was really great with this class was several brought photos and matted them to the front of their months tabs and it looked so adorable!  I will grab pictures for everyone to see.  This was not just a planner for them it was memories, journaling and keepsakes!  Guaranteed to keep forever.  Some products we used with the class and is so great to have on hand!

If you are still interested in taking the online version please send me a message and I will get you hooked up!  I promise you wont regret journaling at the same time as planning.

Now the change to my schedule, I was having a big open house this Sunday, but unfortunately I will have to reschedule until January 21st due to this illness I’ve gotten way behind.  I hope everyone understands and realizes it gives me more time to make it even better, yay us!