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New Year! New Beginnings!

As everyone can see I have a new website which is awesome but in transition somehow lost most of my year!  The positive is that it is set up the way I like and easier to find the things you would like to see!  I will be posting all of my new posts and special on Monday, the New Year.  I’m so excited about this year and can’t wait to share everything coming your way. So many new things that I am all atwitter (my word for the year lol). If you have things you would like to see don’t hesitate let me know I’m happy to try anything crafty even if it becomes one of those Pinterest Fails!  Due to losing a lot of my projects I will be uploading photos in the gallery this weekend.  Make sure you follow me and please sign up for the newsletter you never know what might be in it.

This year has been a great year!  Personally and professionally!  Meaning my crafty business, I did more online than usual and I’m glad that I can reach more people.   I also got to travel and not only meet new people but become part of a new family.  Stampin’ Up!  has been  a blessing, in 2018 I was able to attend both OnStages, San Diego and Salt Lake City!  I love the fact my husband loves to come with me, he also has met some great friends from around the country.  One Daughter graduated from NMSU and got engaged, another daughter started her junior year at Willamette University and my oldest is finishing up her degree in Software engineering!  Take a look at some of the fun we had this year!!